20+ Aarti Thali Decoration Designs Image, Ideas for Pooja & Wedding

A beautifully decorated Aarti thali can add charm to the overall festive mood. So, today we bring to you a selection of traditional Aarti Thali decoration designs with, these are simple yet unique embellishment ideas to try for Pooja and Wedding.

Use fresh flowers, clay, acrylic paint, stones, laces, and so on to decorate an Aarti thali for festivals like Navratri, Diwali, Ganpati, Janmashtami, Dusshera, Karva Chauth, Rakhi, and on other special occasions. Take a tour of our collection of ideas listed below. These can also help you win a prize in competitions.

20+ Easy Aarti Thali Decoration Designs, Images, Ideas for Pooja & Wedding

Aarti Thali Decoration with Fresh Flowers


Things Needed: Plate, fresh flower (preferably multiple colours), Diya, and colour.

Aarti Thali Decoration with Grains


Things Needed: Plate and grain or pulses (Rajma, Soya Bean, Moong, Masoor, Channa, etc.)

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Gujarati Aarti Thali Decoration


Things Needed: Plain dish, paint, stones, beads, and adhesive.

Pooja Thali with Kundan Work


Things Needed: Plate, coloured stones, and glue.

Aarti Thali with Diya


Things needed: Plate, oil lit lamps and other decorative (optional).

Aarti Thali with Fruits


Things needed: Plate, and fruits or dry fruits of your choice.

Rangoli Aarti Thali Decoration


Things needed: Plate, oil colours of 2 or more shades, thin paint brush.

Aarti Thali Decoration with Rice


Things needed: Plate, rice, and colour (optional).

Aarti Thali Decoration with Quilling

Things needed: Plate, coloured papers to create filigree, and glue.

Aarti Thali Decoration with Rhinestones


Things Needed: Plate, colourful rhinestones, and adhesive.

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Aarti Thali Decoration with Laces


Things Needed: Silver / Gold or colourful laces and glue to

Aarti Thali Decoration with Cut Mirrors


Things Needed: Plate, cut mirrors pieces, beads, and adhesive.

Aarti Thali Decoration with Acrylic Paint


Things Needed: Plate, Acrylic Paints, sticker and glue.

Aarti Thali Decoration With Glitters


Things Needed: Plate, Glitter dust or liquid. To add an extra edge, you can use colourful beads, laces, etc.

Aarti Thali Decoration with Pearls & Beads


Things Needed: Plate, Pearls, colourful Beads, and glue.

Puja Thali Decoration with Colours


Things Needed: Plate, oil colours of 2 or more shades and paint brushes.

Aarti Thali Decoration with Clay


Things Needed: Clay plate and colour. You can use glitters and beads to make the design more vibrant.

Arti Thali Decoration with Thread work


Things Needed: Colourful threads and glue. You can also use beads or rhinestones to make it more vibrant.

Fancy Puja Thali Decoration


Things Needed: Nothing, in particular, you can use poppy colours, glitters, cut mirrors, beads, laces or anything of your choice to decorate the puja thali, keeping the design minimal.

Meenakari Puja Thali


Things Needed: To prepare this Puja Thali, you will need a plate with Meenakari designs. Place Diya, sweet, flower, and Kumkum to make it an Aarti thali.


How to decorate Aarti Thali at home?

We have listed few easy Arti Thali design ideas for you. Follow the images to create your own.

What do I need to design an Aarti Thali?

First choose an Aarti Thali design from the above list then get the material listed below the image to recreate the design as shown in the image.

Hope this picture guide is useful for you. Share with us which Aarti Thali decoration ideas you like the most.

20+ Aarti Thali Decoration Designs Image, Idea for Pooja & Wedding
Article Name
20+ Aarti Thali Decoration Designs Image, Idea for Pooja & Wedding
Find 20+ easy Aarti Thali Decoration Designs Image, Idea for Pooja & Wedding. Design your Puja Thali at home using flowers, vegetable, pulses, atta, grains, etc. Also, use these to take part and win in the competition.



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