15+ New Blouse Back Neck Designs 2018 Image, Catalogue, Cutting, Etc.

Sarees are the indomitable choice if we pick to dress ethnic. Pairing it with right blouse can enhance the beauty of this outfit, turning it immensely gorgeous. We have prepared a list of more than 15 new blouse back neck designs of 2018, here you can find the image, catalogue, cutting, etc., and all the related info to make fashion more accessible to all the beautiful ladies.

Whether you wearing a Net, Fancy, Paithani, Silk, Georgette, Pattu or any other sarees, your blouse design plays a major role to make or break the look. A well-fitted style adds richness to the drape and complements your overall appearance whereas the lack of it can lose the charm. Browse through to find the trendiest drool worthy designs of the season.

Different Types of Blouse Back Neck Designs

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Beads

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Beads

A saree blouse back neck designed with beads is a perfect pick for parties and wedding. The design looks really beautiful with the traditional as well as fancy sarees. This rich elegant pattern adds an aesthetic touch to your attire, perfect for the occasion.

Pot Neck Style


In this pattern, the round back neck of your blouses looks like a pot neck and so the style is named after it. This is a very popular design preferred by women wearing a fancy party wear Saree. It perfectly suits the traditional silk saris as well.

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Asymmetrical Back Neck

Asymmetrical Back Neck design

Asymmetrical as the name suggests, this style of blouse back neck does not have any specified cutting pattern but looks extremely trendy. This goes best when paired with georgette, net or chiffon sarees.

Back Slit Blouse Design

Back Slit Blouse Design

Back Slit Blouses has made a comeback. You can flaunt this pattern with a traditional handloom silk or cotton sarees to look gorgeous with minimal effort. You can choose the placement and size of slits according to the occasion you are wearing on.

Sheer Back Blouse

Sheer Back Blouse Design

The sheer back blouse effortlessly flaunts the stylish you. This is one of the trendiest patterns and is favourite pick for the fashionistas. The back of the blouse is made from semi transparent fabric like net or Georgette. You can choose from plain or embroidered/ embellished sheer. This pattern goes best with fancy Saris.

V-back Neck Blouse

V-back Neck Blouse Design

The v-back neck is an age old style that is evergreen. Adding tassels or borders can enhance the beauty of the design making it look even prettier. This suits most Saris and occasions. Looks best when you choose a matching fabric.

Round Back Neck Blouse

Round Back Neck Blouse Design

Round back neck blouse is most worn classic style which will never go out of fashion. You can pair this with silk, georgette, net, chiffon, and cotton sarees from fancy to traditional ones.

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Square Back Neck Blouse Design

Square back neck blouse is a simple design worn by women from all age groups. You can enhance the charm by adding beads, Latkans, nets and embellishments to it.

Boat Back Neckline Blouse Design

Boat Back Neckline Blouse Design

Boat neckline blouses are the probably the latest and most trending design nowadays. Inspired by the celebrity fashion, this simple design looks beautiful and adds an extra edge to your style statement.

High Collared Back Neck Blouse

High Collared Back Neck Blouse

Once popular, high collared back neck design has again made an entry to the latest fashion trends. Wear this style to look elegant effortlessly.

Buttoned Back

Buttoned Back Blouse Design

The widely popular, retro-styled buttoned back blouse is a versatile piece to flaunt elegance with style. You can opt for contrasting or same colour buttons the way you want the visibility of these.

Classic Airhostess Back Neck

Classic Airhostess Back Neck Design

Another evergreen style that will never fade away with time, the classic Airhostess back neck design is found in every woman’s wardrobe. No matter what saree you wear, pairing with this blouse pattern can never go wrong.

Blouse Back Neck Designs with Patch Work

Blouse Back Neck Designs with Patch Work

Small patches of clothes are stitched on the back neck of the blouse to make a simple pattern look dramatic.

Blouse Back Neck Embroidery Designs

Blouse Back Neck Embroidery Designs

Embroidery designs always make the outfit look prettier. Replace a simple blouse with a embroidered ones and look stunning even wearing a plain saree. It is perfect style for bridal.

Off Shoulder Blouse

One Shoulder Blouse Design

Off shoulder blouse is a youthful western shape, it looks best fancy or designer chiffon, net and georgette Sarees.

One Shoulder Blouse

One Shoulder Blouse Design

Completely dramatic, a one shoulder blouse is a perfect style for cocktail parties.

These handpicked suggestions are inspired from the creation of eminent designer and fashion experts like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Thaliani, and so on.

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15+ New Blouse Back Neck Designs 2017 Image, Catalogue, Cutting, Etc.
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15+ New Blouse Back Neck Designs 2017 Image, Catalogue, Cutting, Etc.
Find more than15 new blouse back neck designs of 2017 for Sarees. Checkout the image, catalogue, cutting, etc.



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