Burka or Burqa Niqab Design Images 2018 – Try at Home

Burkas are associated with the Islamic belief that conceals the most – full face and body. Whereas, Niqab is modest Muslim clothing, which is basically a head covering that conceals the face as well, leaving the eyes exposed. Here we have a collection of best Burka or Burqa Niqab design images in various patterns from the latest fashion trends.

Burqa and Niqab have evolved with time. Now, besides the traditional black garment, these are available in a wide range colours and styles. You can find simple ones for everyday use as well as designer pieces to wear in parties and weddings.

What is the Latest Burka or Burqa Niqab Designs?

Burka with Embroidery


The modest clothing is available with patches of embroidery. Heavy worked ones are ideal for parties whereas the one with minimal work can be worn as a daily wear.

Stone Work Burka


The stone work done on Burqa makes the garment look extremely pretty at the same time sober. You can choose the shade from traditional black to other colours of your choice.

Burka with Self Design


Set your own style statement wearing a simple yet classy self-design Burqa. Depending on the fabric you pick, this pattern can be worn on both special occasions as well as any normal day. This a must have in every Muslim woman’s wardrobe.

Bell-Sleeves Burka

bell-sleeves burka

Bell-Sleeves are a stylish contemporary pattern which has grown popular in Burqas as well. Simple or heavy embroidery or embellish is seen at the ends.

Burka with Hijab

Burka with Hijab

Wear a Burka with Hijab of same or contrasting colour. You can get your Abaya from plain, embroidered, embellished, stone or lace work, etc., patterns, made from the fabric of your choice.

Designer Burka


Designer Burka has the perfect laps of style with modesty. This pattern is embellished with patchwork, stone, and embroidered to give a unique look to the outfit, making anyone wearing it stand out of the crowd. 

Front Buttoned Burka

front-buttoned -burka

Front Buttoned Burka is a very modest professional wear, preferably worn by working women.

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 Designer Niqab

Designer Niqab

A plain Niqab may look dull, you can try designer ones. These come in various work patterns like embroidered, net, beads, stone, thread work, etc. When worn immediately adds a charm to even most sombre Abaya. These are usually worn in the evening parties.

What Do Burkas Look Like?

Most Burkas are a single piece of cloth that slide over the head, covering it and flows down till the toe. It is, in some countries worn with Hijab or Niqab. Women and girls wear it at home at the same time while going out.

Does Burqa have Sleeves?

Yes. The Burqa is a full sleeved garment.

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Burka or Burqa Niqab Design Images 2017 - Try at Home
Article Name
Burka or Burqa Niqab Design Images 2017 - Try at Home
Find the latest Burka or Burqa Niqab Design Images 2017 inspired from Saudi Arabia women style. Try these Muslim dress patterns at home or while going out.



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