10+ New Bhagalpuri Saree Designs 2018, Image, Price, Wiki History and More

Silk Saris are evergreen ethnic wear that will never lose its charm with time. Today, we bring to you the gallery of finest texture, breathtakingly beautiful 10+ new Bhagalpuri Saree designs of 2018 from Indian Handlooms, their image, price, Wiki history and much more.

Nowadays, fashion designers made the traditional Bhagalpuri work gets a modern touch, which has successfully elevated the charm of this drape to go beyond the quintessential Saree, creating a style statement that is favoured even by the Bollywood divas.

Top 10 Latest Bhagalpuri Silk Saree Designs Image with Price & Cashback

Bhagalpuri Saree with Kalamkari Blouse


Flaunts her fine taste by pairing a hand printed Kalamkari Blouse with a plain Bhagalpuri saree.

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Bhagalpuri Embroidered Saree



The prominent embroidery work made on a Bhagalpuri saree beautify its look. It is ideal for wearing at parties and on special occasions, however, you can wear it on any regular day.

Bhagalpuri Fancy Sarees



Look ravishing in a Bhagalpuri Fancy Saree. It bears the perfect combination of tradition with style.

Bhagalpuri Ghicha Saree


Bhagalpuri Saree with Ghicha work done on it makes an ideal choice for office parties and other social events.

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Bhagalpuri Handloom Saree

bhagalpuri-handloom-sareeBUY NOW

The Bhagalpuri handloom sarees have hand done works done on with by artisans which make these look extremely traditional. Teaming it with a matching blouse makes your look perfect.

Bhagalpuri Jute Saree



Get a Bhagalpuri jute silk saree to add a classy piece to your wardrobe. This is a perfect drape for all seasons, especially for winter.

Bhagalpuri Jacquard Sarees



These are designer pieces. The Bhagalpuri Jacquard Sarees can glam up your complete look. This is an ideal for a grand festive gala and other special occasions.

Bhagalpuri Kota Saree



Lightweight, stylish Bhagalpuri Kota Sarees are high in trend and tops the choice of fashionistas for all right reasons. These look gorgeous and are perfect to wear on the day of festivities.

Bhagalpuri Net Saree



Net Sarees are quite similar to Kota Saree. Pair it with vintage jewellery to reach that perfect look for any occasion which is celebrated during the day time. This is great for evening parties as well if you opt for minimalistic style.

Bhagalpuri Printed Saree



Bhagalpuri Printed Saree is the fashion forecast of this festive season. The bold coloured flowers, geometric patterns, tribal art, everything looks exceptionally trendy, glamming up the look instantly.

Bhagalpuri Plain Sarees



Flaunt a new ethnic look wearing a sophisticated plain Bhagalpuri Sarees. The fabric is light and drapes neatly. A lace or print or embroidery border can enhance the beauty of the drape.

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Bhagalpuri Saree Wiki History

Bhagalpuri silk, the Queen of Fabrics is most known for its superior quality and finest texture has its origin in Bihar. This purest and flawless form of silk was in high demand right from its inception. The superior embroidery and patterns are done on them allures and attract huge admirers even today thus increasing the fame and recognition of this artwork across the nation and worldwide.

What is Bhagalpuri Saree?

It is traditional Silk saree design which is originated in Bhagalpur, Bihar. It is made of finest silk and so known as Queen of Fabrics.

Why Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees so popular?

There are two distinct reasons which make Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees so popular are the fabric quality and the artwork on them. These are convincing enough to make the drape famous globally.

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Find 10+ new Bhagalpuri Saree Designs 2018, image, price, Wiki history and more.
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Find 10+ new Bhagalpuri Saree Designs 2018, image, price, Wiki history and more.
Find 10+ new Bhagalpuri Saree Designs 2018, image, price, Wiki history and more. Explore to pick your favourite.



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