Latest Paithani Saree Blouse Design 2018

Paithani is a well known and one of the most elegant patterns of saris from Maharashtra. It is mostly worn on festivals and important days. Though every piece perfectly reflects the true craftsmanship of artisans and weavers, a well-fitted blouse can make the drape look even more beautiful. So, here we have an exclusive collection of the best Paithani Saree Blouse Design for you. Explore the drool-worthy latest patterns below.

Paithani Saree Blouse Neck Design

Maharani Style Blouse

Pairing your Paithani Saree with a matching Maharani Style blouse will only make you look even more elegant. This pattern bears a high-neck, full sleeved design that can be with or without embellish or embroidery in bodice or sleeves or both.

This is one of the wardrobes must have that turns even a plain sari look spectacular.

Maharani style blouse

High Neck Blouse Designs

The classy high neck blouse design is on recent trends. Paired with the right Paithani saree and accessories, these can create wonder. Regal look of this design can make anyone can look fabulous. Take the plunge and you are sure to rocking them.

The best part, there are many options to choose from. So you can get a collection customised to your choice.

High neck blouse design

Boat Neck Blouse Designs

Boat neck blouse is a new design from today’s trend that is becoming widely popular among women from all age groups. These are found in multiple patterns and can add charm to any saree. Pair your Paithani Saree with it and look gorgeous effortless.


 Round Neck Blouse Designs

Round neck blouse design is the traditional and most worn pattern. Choose a simple piece to pair with for your heavily embroidered or embellished sari or vice versa and you are ready to steal the limelight.

Round neck blouse designs

Paithani Saree Blouse Back Neck Design

Back Knot Blouse Designs

Back knot blouse is high in fashion. This is one of the most evergreen styles that suit everyone. Get a simple blouse for your heavy work Paithani saree, that all you need to look elegant and trendy.


 Square Back Blouse Designs

Square neck blouse design is the most worn pattern after the round-neck. These can be paired with any Sari and can be suitably worn in any occasion as well as on regular days. Pair your Paithani Saree with a matching piece to get a mind blowing cool look.


Latest Paithani Saree Blouse Design 2018
Article Name
Latest Paithani Saree Blouse Design 2018
Find here the latest Paithani Saree Blouse Design for neck and back-neck. It includes the most popular designs worn by women in Indian, from all age groups.



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