10 Best Lehenga Saree Designs with Price, Images, Cashback and More


Lehenga Saris have become the favourite choice for most Indian beauties when they like dressing ethnic. Right from attending Wedding or engagement party to celebrating Diwali or Navratri or any social gathering, these are staple outfits that suit all special occasions. We have selected a catalogue of top 10 best Lehenga Saree designs with price, images, Cashback offer, and more to make your pick much easier and effortless.

Also, if you are tired of wearing those typical a sari or a lehenga, you can try this new modified outfit having the conventional blend of the two instead, to easily achieve an ultra stylish look. The Lehenga style Sarees come with ready-made drapes and pleats for styling convenience for a busy fashionista. Enjoy the fun of exploring the lovely variants.

10 Latest Lehenga Saree Designs & Images

Embroidered Lehenga Saree

The major highlight of any embroidered outfit is the elaborate work done on it. Whether it’s done with rhinestones, mirrors, zari, brocade, or simple colourful thread, the intricate design makes the piece look immensely attractive. This remains unchanged for a Lehenga style Sarees as well.


If your dress has heavy work, keep the blouse design simple to make the ethnic wear look more graceful.

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Lehenga Saree for Engagement

Nude and natural shades can be your ideal choice for engagement as you can save the reds and maroons for the wedding. You can pick a heavily decorated Lehenga Saree, pairing it with heavy jewellery on this special day and just look gorgeous naturally.


While wearing lighter shades, try avoiding contrasting blouse as this may disturb the look. It is preferred you pick a similar colour.

Lehenga Saree Designs for Wedding

Bride-to-be, try the gorgeous bridal Lehenga Saree with winning colour combination of reds and gold for a truly traditional look with an unconventional fusion touch. This outfit is versatile enough to create the best style statement on the wedding day.


Pair your heavily worked outfit with matching jewellery for the best compliment.

Lehenga Saree for Cocktail party

The stylish Lehenga Saree has an eye-catchy design which is ideal for evening cocktail party look. Made from a lightweight fabric this is easy to carry and comfortable. Pair this with simple or minimal jewellery and trendy footwear to stand out in the crowd.


Georgette Lehenga Style Saree

Lehenga Style Saree can be found in many fabrics, georgette is one of the most popular. You can find this in many colour combinations, design pattern, etc., and are a perfect choice for any occasion.


Chiffon Lehenga Saree

Chiffon is a light weight fabric so the outfits made of it are also light weight and can be easily carried. If you have to attend a function during the summer, Chiffon Lehenga Saree is definitely which will make you look graceful and sophisticated without suffering the heat.


Net Lehenga Saree

Like Chiffon, Net is also light weight material and Lehenga Saree made of it looks extremely stylish.


Embellished Lehenga Saree

Different patterns embellished on the Lehenga Saree make it look gorgeous and ideal to wear on any special occasion.


Mermaid Style Lehenga Saree

The mermaid style Lehenga Saree is the ultimate choice for a fashionista. This pattern is inspired by popular Bollywood designers like Manish Malhotra, Satya Paul, Sabyasachi, and so on. It is a great pick for those who like to possess a wardrobe collection with the trendiest outfits.


Multicolor Lehenga Style Saree

The multicolour Lehenga Style Saree is definitely going to make you stand out in the crowd. If embroidery or gotta work is added, will only enhance its beauty. This is a perfect pick for Navratri celebration.



What are Lehenga Sarees?

Lehenga sarees are combination outfit in which the pallu is attached with the skirt to look like a sari but with ready-made drapes and pleats which don’t need any extra effort. It is a modified version for traditional drape with convenience.

How can wear Lehenga Saree?

You can wear a Lehenga Saree in 3 simple steps.

  1. Slip into the skirt.
  2. Fasten the zipper.
  3. Drape the Pallu over the shoulder.

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10 Best Lehenga Saree Designs with Price, Images, Cashback and More
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10 Best Lehenga Saree Designs with Price, Images, Cashback and More
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