10+ Long Gown Design Images 2018, New Neck Pattern, Price and More

Are you in search of a gown, preferably a long one, for a special event? Cheer up, ladies! Here is the list of 10+ new Long Gown design images of 2018. Inspired by the latest creation of the best fashion designers in the nation, this assortment includes full-length dresses for wedding, prom, cocktail parties, pageant dresses, formal evening, and other occasions. Explore this space to find outfits with different neck pattern, price and more styles.

A chic but elegant long gown is a must have in every fashionistas’ wardrobe. So, we have tried to find a perfect piece for you, to wear on next special occasion. This outfit defines wearer’s beauty and enhances the personality, hence worth trying.

New Long Gown Design Images with different Neck Pattern, Sleeves & More

Long Gown Design For Wedding

Whether it’s your wedding or you are a guest at the ceremony, a heavily designed long gown is always a great choice. Pick a dress adorned with intricate work to be the real head turner. You can either go for self-designed or contrast coloured ones.


Long Gown Design With Sleeves

Long gown design with sleeves is the timeless elegance. You can choose from 3/4th, short, full length, cap, roll up, or puff sleeves pattern to get your perfect style with comfort.


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Chiffon Long Gown

Take your look to all new level by wearing a chiffon long gown. Tailored with light weight fabric, these keep you comfortable throughout the day. Team your outfit with a pair of heels to add more charm.


Mermaid Style Long Gown with Pencil Cut

Get chic looks with a mermaid style long gown with pencil cut. Wear it at a cocktail party or fashion even to fetch the best compliment. You can pair this with stilettos and flashy jewellery.


Long Gown With Lace

Laces are evergreen. Long Gown with lace design is always a great option when you want a stylish yet sophisticated dress for you. You can find these in many types, sleeve design, and pattern. So, you can always find one piece that compliments your style most.


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Long Gown With Empire Waist

Long Gown with empire waist makes an easy styling option. The flowy flares attached looks beautiful at the same time keeps you comfortable throughout the day. You can choose from plain or applique work or hem on the bust or the entire dress.


Off Shoulder Long Gown

Super appealing off shoulder long gowns are the perfect choice for a cocktail party. Pair this with stilettos or pumps to complete the look.


Long Gown With Floral Beads


Sequin Work Long Gown Design

Sequin Work done on dresses adds an oomph factor to the overall outfit. Wear a long gown with this design to be the head turner in any event.


Long Dress With Jacket


High-Low Asymmetrical Long Dress


Hope you enjoyed the styles!


What is long gown?

A long gown is also known as a maxi dress. It is a single piece of flowing outfit worn by ladies on different occasions. It is usually floor length and made of fabrics like satin, chiffon, organza, velvet, etc.

Should a long gown touch the floor?

Long gowns are usually floor length. This implies that in a traditional pattern, your footwear should not be visible while you are standing still. But, nowadays different styles like high-low, slit, etc., are common. The mentioned is not applicable for these styles.

Can I wear a long gown to a wedding?


10+ Long Gown Design Images 2017, New Neck Pattern, Price and More
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10+ Long Gown Design Images 2017, New Neck Pattern, Price and More
Find 10+ Long Gown design images 2017, new neck pattern, price and more. Pick the style from pencil cut, off-shoulder, sleeves, etc., for the wedding and other special occasions.



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