21 Saree Borders Designs For Indian Beauties

Saree, the most versatile India garment that finds a way to every woman’s wardrobe. It is no more limited to the tag of an elegant outfit, but has gone beyond to makes a style statement. The constant innovation leads to the creation of never-ending patterns that can fulfil all fashion needs. We all know that “pallu is the soul of the saree”, but border add a touch of glamour to the drape, making it look even more gorgeous. So, here are some of the most popular Saree Border Designs that high in trends. You can find from embroidery, ribbon, and more. Let’s explore all the styles.

Mirror Work Saree Border Design


Mirror work, one of the oldest and most fashionable designs that are hard to ignore. By having mirror-work in the borders, even a plan saree looks visually aesthetic. Flaunt this style in any special occasion or social gathering.

Colour Block Saree Border Design


Colour block border style is perfect for the minimalist. The border has contrast solid colours. This is a widespread style found in Chiffon, Silk, Cotton, and sarees of other fabrics. Pick bold hues to make an ultimate fashion statement.


Temple Saree Border Design


Temple Border Saree is mostly seen traditional saris like Kanjivaram, Ikkat, etc. It is one of the oldest yet trendy patterns that bear a perfect combination of elegance and style. You can find this in silk as well as cotton saris.


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Zardozi Saree Border Design


Getting dressed for evening parties and wedding functions never go wrong with saris having Zardozi Border design. You look truly stunning with all those dazzles.

Scallop Saree Border Designs


Scallop border designs include intricate embroidery and embellishments. Though it is found in different fabrics but looks best on net saris. It is the perfect pick for wedding functions, dinners or evening parties. Team with matching blouse and accessories and get noticed effortlessly.


Velvet Saree Border Designs


Are you looking for a party wear sari? Velvet border saree will be a great buy. The rich material makes you dazzle. Get dressed in these beauties to look gorgeous naturally.


Floral Saree Border Designs


Saree designs are incomplete without floral. Though trends dominate the fashion, the floral design never goes outdated. Sarees with floral border designs can create a charm. You can wear them on any regular day of on special occasions.


Sequin Saree Border Designs


Sarees with sequined edges looks extremely stunning. The bit of glittery charm added on the border works wonder, taking your fashion statement to a whole next level. The design is in fad. Get your drape today to dazzle in these beauties.


Saree Border Lace Designs


Fancy laces or ribbons, when added to saris, can make even a simple piece look gorgeous. This style is much in trend now a day. Be it’s a festive gathering or an office lunch party, just by wearing a lace border Saree, you can nail the look.

Saree Border Embroidery Designs


The trend of embroidery borders sarees never fades away. It is a timeless fashion that never goes wrong. Sarees with this pattern looks stunning. And the best, it is available in all types of fabrics and in heavy as well as light works. So, you just need to pick the one that suits the occasion.


Saree Brocade Border


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Saree Big Border


Saree Cutwork Border


Checkered Border Saree


Zari Border Saree


Saree With Jute Border


Saree With Ganga Jamuna Border


Saree With Kundan Border


Saree With Net Border


Saree With Neon Border


Saree Border With Pearls


21 Saree Borders Designs For Indian Beauties
Article Name
21 Saree Borders Designs For Indian Beauties
Explore the top saree border designs ideas that are great for weddings, festivals or other social gatherings. Pick from border patterns like temple, sequin, velvet, floral, etc.



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