Indian Shoe Size Chart

Stylish footwear can lose its charm if it is ill-fitted. Moreover, you may also end up compromising the comfort. So, sizing it correctly is quite important to overall foot health. For those who are not familiar with the measurement, here we have included the shoe size chart conversion for Indian Women, Men and Kids. From measures in cm, you can easily convert it into UK, EU, USA sizes. This will be helpful to find the perfect fit from both national and international brands like Adidas, Bata, Puma, Nike, Khadims, and more in India.

Indian Shoe Size Chart for Women, Men and Kids (UK, EU, USA)

You can use the shoe size chart conversion to find the right type of shoes. Measure your foot in centimetres to get the respective UK, EU, and USA size.

Find your size with the help of chart below. You can also print this.

Shoe Size Chart for Women (UK, EU, USA)


Shoe Size Chart for Men (UK, EU, USA)


Shoe Size Chart for Kids (UK, EU, USA)


How to Measure for your foot length?


Put your foot on a flat surface, keeping the heel against a straight edge. Now, place a ruler beside your foot and measure the length from the straight edge which touches your heel to the tip of your longest toe. You can note the measurement in cm. Compare this length to the respective sizes mentioned in the chart to get your shoe size.

Indian Shoe Size Chart
Article Name
Indian Shoe Size Chart
Sizing conversion: Indian Shoe Size Chart for Women, Men and Kids in India, UK, EU, USA.



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