20+ Simple Rangoli Designs 2018 with Dots, Image (Diwali & Competition)

Rangoli was started centuries before we actually believe them to be. It is a part of ancient Indian art that has revolutionized to become what we see it today. It is crafted using rice flour and colours, these offer to immediately enliven the home décor. We’ve picked 20 simple Rangoli designs of 2018 which can be easily created by experts and even by the beginners. You can draw these using dots, flowers, etc. Use the ideas included below to decorate your living space or office during Diwali, Janmashtami, birthday, wedding, farewell party, and other special occasions. You can also take reference if you want to participate in any competition.

Explore this page to find some of the best ideas with images of Rangoli designs.

20+ Best Simple Rangoli Design Image

Rangoli Designs with Dots


Rangoli designs with dots are easy and simple. First put some dots on the floor then connect them to form shapes quickly and without any error. That’s it.

Rangoli Designs with Flowers


Use flowers to make Rangoli. For this, you need flowers in different colours and leaves. Arrange them to create a design decorate to beautify your home on special occasions.

Rangoli Border Designs


Border Rangoli designs are mostly drawn at the corners of the room, and at the entrance. You can create it with dots, free hand, flower, colours, etc.

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Rangoli Designs with Colours


Rangoli Designs are usually made using rice flour. When it can be monochrome with white, you can use multiple contrasting beautiful colours to make the design look vibrant.

Small Rangoli Design


This is the easiest of the lot. Design a basic structure and add some extensions like curved lines, leaves, etc. The best part is, you do not need much time or expertise in making this Rangoli.

3D Rangoli Design


The 3D effect makes any design even more attractive. This has become quite popular off-late. You can use this design pattern in Rangoli to add a fancy touch to your festival decoration.

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Alpana Rangoli Design


Alpana is originated in Bengal. The design is white in colour as it is made with rice powder and water mixture. Sometimes colour is added to highlight the design more.

Rangoli Galicha Designs


Most of the Galicha rangoli feature square patterns. It also boasts vibrant colours and hues. This is such a beautiful artwork that feature pretty colours and designs.

Rangoli Ganpati Design


Ganpati Design Rangoli is a very popular pattern used to decorate home during various festivals, especially on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Rangoli Design For Door


Colourful rangoli borders are drawn at the door to decorate doorstep as well as welcome guests visiting your place on special occasions. Place Diyas on it to increase its essence.

Rangoli Design around Plate


The simple and easy Rangoli Design around plate can be created effortlessly anytime.

Rangoli Design around Table


Colourful Rangoli a design drawn around the table is an ideal festive décor with instantly enliven the room. This is usually done around the small table where the idol is placed during the Puja. You can just create a simple border or opt a more intricate pattern.

Rangoli Design Black and White


Black and white Rangoli design are a decorative Indian folk art made on floors. It is drawn on the entrance, inside rooms, and courtyards during festivals and other special occasions.

Rangoli Design by Fingers


Making Rangoli is magically easy using your finger. If you are a beginner, you can try this before you acquire proficiency in doing it in other ways.

Rangoli Design Circle


Round Rangoli design is one of the most popular patterns. It forms a circle mostly done at the centre of the floor.

Elephant Rangoli Design


Free Hand Rangoli Design


Free Hand Rangoli design is one of the simplest patterns which can be done by both beginners and experts. In this type, you start with designing basic structures such as flowers, leaves, curves, etc., and then connect them together.

Geometric Rangoli Design


The traditional Rangoli get an unconventional twist with the inclusion of geometric designs. Different shapes are in used to create an absolutely pleasing pattern.

Peacock Rangoli Design


The Peacock Rangoli designs images presents, these are colourful and attractive designs which many of us choose to draw. This can be used to decorate your home or offices during Navratri and Dussehra.

Rangoli Design Giving Message


Pictures can convey more than words, so Rangoli Design with a message can be the best way to spread them. It can be just to welcome your guest in a unique way during any occasion or convey message you want to share.

The above designs are inspired by the creation of the renowned artists like Manoj Patil, Poonam Borkar, Sudha Balaji and Shital Mahajan.

20+ Simple Rangoli Designs 2017 with Dots, Image (Diwali & Competition)
Article Name
20+ Simple Rangoli Designs 2017 with Dots, Image (Diwali & Competition)
Find 20+ simple Rangoli Designs 2017 with dots, flowers, colours, fingers, 3D, etc. Download image. Use these patterns as ideas to decorate on Diwali & take part in the competition.



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